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• Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.  Or don't.  It's up to you.
• Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
• Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

It's tiny anemones!  From my Boston road trip with my parents, we went to this quarry and found a tiny hole about 2-3 in across with these in it.  Since I got my digital camera/got my laptop almost all of my backgrounds are picture I take, because I like them, and they are really personal. 

My dear kitty...

On October 23, 2009, my cat Felix had to be put down.  He was about 15 or 16 years old, and I have had him since I was about 7 years old.  He has had increasing health problem, to a point where struggling to keep him alive wasn't fair to him.

We found Felix in the middle of the Merriman, by Joy, where we chased him off of the road and into a parking lot.  He barely weighed anything, he had a collar cutting into his neck for so long, the skin was starting to grow over it.  Felix was somewhat feral, but we took him home and when we couldn't find his owner we decided to keep him. 

He barely let us touch him at first, occasionally letting us pet his head.  As the years went on, we could pet more of his neck, shoulders, back, tail, and in the last few years his belly.  Felix has never been friendly the way other cats can be, when he is done with being petting he would try to bite or scratch you.  But he has been extremely affectionate to me for many years, sleeping next to or on me for most nights. 

Felix was a very good cat, and I love him very much.  My words can't quite do him justice.  He lived an extremely good life, allowed outside, and he lived much longer than outside cats are expected to. 

1994? - October 23, 2009

Rest in Peace, my dear, dear, ornery kitty


I was supposed to go to market with Judy this morning, waking up at 4:30 and being at her house a few minutes before 5.  Instead, my alarm didn't go off, because I'm an idiot and forgot to check and see if it was set to am or pm.  And my mom needs the car around 11, and I'd be gone from 5-2.  Fuuuuck.  I also got called in the middle of the night, which didn't help the sleeping bit, and even though I didn't answer - it still disturbed my sleep. 

Now I am waiting for my boss to be not driving, so she will pick up her phone and we can work something out.

On the bright side, I haven't overslept for anything important yet this summer.  Or any over sleeping I have done was getting up later than I wanted to, but still before I had to be somewhere and with enough time to get ready.

I'm going to re-state a previous statement.  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
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Meat Coma Day!

Most of the trip we haven't packed too much in, like we do on most vacations.  Mostly because Ed and Liz work a lot and it's just a weekend to them.  Today we started with a Brazilian restaurant, it was interesting and delicious!  Our hostess/waitress barely spoke any English, so we had a hard time understanding her, we ended up getting the all you can eat option.  After loading up on the buffet, a guy comes around with meat on skewer/sword things.  It was so damn tasty.  A few passes in he came with a skewer that had bacon wrapped chicken, and when he asked if we wanted some all I blurted out "Oh god yes."  I love meat.  So much, it is so damn tasty.

After that little adventure, we went the MIT museum.  It was pretty neat, if small. Really geeky.  It had a really awesome hologram display, and a kinetic sculpture bit.  The kinetic sculptures are really awesome.  We were pretty tired out after that, so we went back to Ed and Liz's, where we lounged and napped and played some games.  After my parents left, Ed, Liz and I ate a tiny dinner and we are now watching The Day of the Trifids.  It is a fantastically cheesy British 'horror' mini series. 

And we leave tomorrow, at 6 am to get home to Michigan at a reasonable hour.  It's gonna suck.

I'll be home soon!

Happy Independance Day?!

Today started off well, with some lounging and chocolate chip english muffins.  I woke up before my alarm, and played with Em for a while, still half asleep, with the kitty fishing pole.  He was much entertained.  We started much later, and decided to drive to Old Sturbridge Village, which is kind of a big deal.  I had a professor who loves the place, and would talk about it all the time.  It's the step down from Williamsburg.  We went in the place to grab lunch hoping to get some mildly historical food, because they publish a cookbook.  It was, really dissapointing.  They had a few cookies and cornbread that were less modern, vaugly.  But it got a lot better from there.

We wandered a bit, really hoping it would get better.  And luckily it did!  The blacksmith was pretty cool, we watched him for a little while.  This family came in with a super cute little girl all worried about the fire hurting some one, and that fire was used to make roasted marshmallows.  After that we went back to the mills.  Mills are awesome, if you didn't know.  First the saw mill.  And there were two guys approximatly my age, who were very nice to look at (I got many pictures).  They were also doing super manly saw mill lumber things.  It was a nice view.  They then demonstrated over at the grist mill (where grain is ground), and the Carding mill (where wool is... carded).  It was AWESOME.  After that we hung out at the Coopers, who was an interesting fellow.  He makes buckets, and farms, and is a blacksmith and all other sorts of crazy things.   Ed, Liz and I played with the rolling hoops for a while in the designated area, looking quite ridiculous.  Hoops?  Surprisingly fun. 

Finally we found the textiles, and I got to chat with a woman about how she got there (and how I could!).  Saw some other cool textile things.  Then the bookstore, where I picked up a book about early America (the first in the series I had the middle four for a class I had at school), and A Midwife's Tale, which is a really cool diary of a midwife, with meticulous notes.  I also got a mug that was made at Sturbridge.  We drove back to Boston and sat in traffic.

For dinner Ed, Liz and I walk a little ways to an amazing little Mexican place.  We got so much food, they threw in a free two liter of Goya.  It was awesome.  And I had flan.  Now we are hanging out at Ed's!  There may be more tonight, but probably nothing exciting.   We were going to see fireworks, but it was way to much effort so we scraped it.

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Massachusetts, the Second.

Woo!  Vacation diary!

We got up relatively early today, and Ed and Liz made cinnamon rolls and eggs.  Woo!  We then adventured to a little maritime bookstore, but it wasn't open yet so we headed to the coast.  We were at this old Granite Quarry, which was quite awesome.  Took a nice little hike around it, then got to the Atlantic, where we got to frolic around tidal pools!  There were little snails and barnacles everywhere, and tons of seaweed.  The black rocks, we soon learned, were quite slippery!  I think we putzed around there for an hour or so, eventually finding little (and big) crabs.  My mom was, of course, determined to catch them all.  After that we went to the little bookstore, which was now open, and my dad found a maritime history book that was signed and numbered, first edition, and he got that.

Lunch was amazing, at a little seafood shack.  I got a huge plate of fried squid and fries, and my mom got her lobster.  She really loves whole lobster, I really think it's her favorite part of visiting Ed in New England.  Those little local shack places are always the best.  After more driving north, we found another tiny maritime shop, with models in it.  My parents picked up a few books there, and a cribbage board (which was left there, but they are mailing it to our house). 

After driving back to Boston, Ed had to go to work for a bit and I napped.  For a really late dinner we headed to the Cambridge Brewing Company, which would have been more fun if they sold more than just wine and beer.  I happen to prefer spirits and mixed drinks.  But I had a really good burger, with conscientiously raised beef and fries.  I chatted with Vince before dinner, and we have decided where to live!  The more pricey place, but I really think it'll be worth it.  The parents then dropped Ed, Liz and I off at their apartment where they proceeded to give me booze (to catch up!) and we played Wii before watching the first bit of a cheesy BBC horror/suspense mini series.  All the while Em was being quite ridiculous.  He's a really bad hunter, but adorably so.

More to follow!  My every detail of my exciting Massachusetts adventure!

Road Trip!

I happen to be really bad at journals, but because I am pretty sure this is going to be a super packed weekend, I'm going to post everything here!

Wednesday - We left really late, around 3 and simply drove to Hammondsport, NY.  Woo.  Went up through Canada.

Thursday - Got up early, and went to the Glenn Curtiss Museum outside of Hammondsport.  He was one of the first people to build flying machines, and was actually in a huge legal battle with the Wright brothers.  We spent about three hours there, I got a little slinky and an awesome motercycle magnet.  We drove up to the finger lakes, and went to a winery on Lake Keuka, and had a wine tasting.  My parents got me two bottles from the Bully Hill Vineyards, the  American Reisling and the Ravat 51.  I'm not a huge fan of red wines, they tend to taste too much like an ashtray to me.  I also don't like New York native grapes. After that we had lunch at their restaurant, which included an appetizer of Brie and fruit compote and a tropical salad with grilled shrimp.  It was damn tasty.  A woman came in with her son, who had turned 21 on June 3, and we chatted a bit. 

After lunch we were supposed to just hit the road, but we went to another vineyard, Dr. Konstantin Frank, who was the guy who introduced European grapes to Finger Lake vineyards.  I didn't like most of them, too dry or bland.  But I did enjoy the Gewurztraminer, and got a bottle of that.  Much driving later, and two driver changes, towards the end of New York and the beginning of Massachussetts we hit the most aweful weather.  It was a torrential downpour, and we had to drive kinda slow.  Eventually we got to Ed's apartment, where my parents dropped me off (I'm staying with Ed and Liz so I can actually get sleep, and well dang, it's more fun!).  And now I am hanging out with their kitty Em, named Ementhal after the cheese, because they already went to bed.  Which is what I am about to do.

More travel excitment to come!
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Holy crap am I technology dependent. 

Post spring break - my laptop dies, and after a week and a half of dealing with Western Help desk, and basically them telling me all I could do was reformat - then I had to wait for my parents to bring the disk, and then THAT didn't work.  I finally got some help from a friends brother in law, who is a professional IT guy, who magically made it all work!!  In the mean time I was a week with no computer, a week with my friends super jenky slow computer (which was available because she had long given up on it), which gave me very basic internet and word processing.   

THEN, March 15, I realize that my phone seriously needs a charge - but my friends parents accidentally took my phone charger - because I am unofficially living in her place, and she was moving her stuff out.  So, I've been with out a phone for over a week - I finally got my charger!!! 

AAAAAAAAAahhh... I miss-ed you technology, i luffs you so!
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Quick Update...

My computer is almost officially dead, which blows. Because I need/use it alot. Even if I take out that I take my notes and am on the computer frequently in my down time, I need it for papers, research and homework. I've been using it as a metronome and tuner, so if I lose the computer - i need one of each, or a combo met/tuner. My mom was/is going to get a laptop for her birthday, which we might not be able to afford if mine is, indeed, dead.  So I'll have to deal with the guilt and martyrdom for years - despite having a greater need for it - she at least has her desktop. Part of the problem being that we were going to fix up Ed's old lappy for cheap - but that didn't work so well.

My phone is almost out of battery, which is more of a huge inconvienance, because the phone is fine. But my charger is... not here. Megan/ her parents accidently boxed it up with her stuff, and I have 1 bar left of power. Which means it's off most of the time - leading to a misunderstanding between my mom and myself (her thinking I was mad and avoiding her, me not thinking to expect her call...) If I go to best buy and chargers aren't obscenly expensive - I might just buy one.

My MP3 player is also out of battery power, but I'm afraid to plug it into the school macs - which all have itunes - and I don't want to lose my music, which is backuped on my external - but really hard to get to without my laptop.  Damn.

I'm so cut off from the world!

BUT! It's spring weather! and I am totally NOT WEARING PANTS today!!!

And thats the skinny on moi. Off to orchestra I go!
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